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Who Are We

THALASSA Water Sports and Diving Services is a family business started in the year 2010 to provide water sports and recreational facilities for Club Punta Fuego. Being a diver for 30 years and living close to the sea, starting a business in the same line was close to our hearts. Boasting a multi cultural management base, we are able to bring the best of all worlds. Our staff comes from different backgrounds and fields with loads of experience around the world to give a unique identity.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be at the forefront in water sports and recreational diving, by providing a comprehensive package to the diverse customer.

For success in this highly competitive environment, our strategy is to provide a “One Stop Shop” for all water sports and recreational diving activities. By complying with the international, local and our own quality standards, we strengthen our organization.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – A relationship built on mutual trust and unparallel service form the highest priority of THALASSA Water Sports and Diving Services. Our customers can always be assured the best value for their money and reliable service.

QUALITY – Professionalism and know how enables us to ensure our customers receiving high standard service. Third party accreditations further enhance the quality of the service.

INOVATIVE DEALS – To compete in a challenging environment, means introducing new trends and promotions. It also inspires us to go to higher levels in the field of water sports and recreational diving.


Water Sports and Diving Services

"Club Punta Fuego",
Bgy. Balaytigue,
Nasugbu, Batangas,

Telephone Numbers:
063 6452690 (Manila Office)

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